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Welcome to UPSforLESS. We are one of North America's leading suppliers of refurbished Uninterruptible Power Supplies also known as a UPS, power backup unit or battery backup unit. Our most popular product line is APC SmartUPS and APC BackUPS from American Power Conversion. We also carry Powerware (now known as Eaton Power), GE (General Electric), Liebert, Tripp-Lite, HP/Compaq, Minuteman, Zero-Surge, TrickleSaver, & Powercom brands.

We sell both new & refurbished UPS's. Some people refer to refurbished as reconditioned or remanufactured product. All refurbished UPS's are installed with brand new, high quality sealed-lead acid batteries that are manufactured for us.

We pioneered the "one year no hassle warranty" for all our refurbished products. Many of our competitors still only offer 30 or 90 day warranties. In 2006 we we introduced our "30 day lemon warranty", again elevating the standard of quality for our customers and it's something else that our competitors have not yet responded to. Bottom line: We stand behind what we sell.

All prices are in CDN dollars.

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